D.E.F.E.N.S.E. is a fangame to Undertale's combat mechanic. You're the last defense of an ancient alien robot  that's being hacked, you have to protect your lethal technology at all cost

You move with the mouse or touch.


D.E.F.E.N.S.E. es un juego tributo a GirlJail y al modo de combate de Undertale. Eres la última defensa de un antiguo robot alienígena que está siendo hackedo, tienes que proteger tu tecnología letal a toda costa.

Te mueves con el mouse o al tocar la pantalla táctil.

Está aún en una etapa muy temprana de desarrollo.


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Thanks man! :)

very hard...


Hi, this is a demo I made a long time ago. I was planning to make a new version but procrastination is my passion xd Anyway, thanks for the comment, I'll probably update this game  in a couple of days :)


well, the game is quite good already with a gradual increase in difficulty so id like to see what the next version looks like!


Hey man, thanks for your words! I have been very busy theese days, I have a little question for you guys, How do you think the game could be played better? Should I implement a virtual joystick or leave it as it is? I have this doubt because in the newer versions, I worked with Unity, and it was easier to me to code it to be played with "wasd", so I don't know what to do (sorry for my bad english), Hope you all are doing ok!